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When you need the perfect organization of an event, we offer you all the support for those things which guarantee the success.

There are over 5000 events for which  Premier Catering & Events provided a delicious excursion into the gastronomic universe, with prestigious clients:


Does your company seek catering solutions for the corporate events it organizes? Your wish becomes our number 1 priority! Any type of corporate event may be turned into a special moment. We will take into account the company`s preferences, the type of events and the profile of the guests.

The organization of a successful event always implies a special care given to details. When you need the perfect organization for a private events, we offer you all the support for those things which guarantee the success.

No matter if there is a small wedding or a wedding with a lot of guests, we have in the offer of Premier Catering menus for wedding and christening conceived to answer to any desire. From menu to arrangement concept, Premier Catering supports your dreams in order to create a fabulous experience for this unique moment from your life

The Candy Bar can satisfy the most of the tastes of the concumers, by the diversity of the products presented. This has the role to confer an additional value to an event, to potentiate the chosen theme and to create joy and interaction

Our plateaux are perfect for meetings, conferences, picnics, brunches and evenings with friends where you desire good food easy to handle. We offer a wide range of aromas and we are glad to personalize new others for your event. Don`t forget our desserts, they can add a real emotion and can offer energy for the all the rest of the event.

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